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About Us

We are committed to selling only sex toys made of body-safe materials. We believe that quality sex toy does not need to be expensive.

We have known couples who have problems in their bedroom; we also know people who do not have experience with sex toys and have no any sexual experience, and people who are not brave enough to take the first step. Growing up in a conservative culture, the founder has experienced a series of thoughts enlightenment after moving to several countries. We understood that many people have been deprived the agency of exploring anything sexual related due to social norms and the fears of being judged by the society. We have seen people who are afraid to masturbate, who thinks premarital sex makes you lose your chastity or even makes you cheap. We are not saying that this is wrong, but we see sex as a biological need of human nature - and that is unnatural to be compromised. 

Our mission is to spread our thoughts about sex. We aim to become a platform where everyone would come here and share their problems, stories or anything sexual related with us, other than selling sex toys. While there's a lot of unethical sellers out there selling toxic sex toys at crazy prices, we want to make the extra sexual happiness affordable and safe. We select the best sex toys we can, run through tests and have people reviewed before putting them online. We are just doing our best! 

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